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422nd and 423rd Inf Reg surrender during Battle of the Bulge Dec 1944

American prisoners of war are marched back into Germany after their capture during the Battle of the Bulge in the winter of 1944.

The initial surrender of the 422nd and 423rd infantry regiments was the largest mass U.S. surrender of World War II.

Source: U.S. Army photo


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  • dumbledore on 2011-Feb-19 21:36:02 dumbledore said

    ...and somewhere in that line is Kurt Vonnegut. Question: wasn't the surrender of American troops in the Philippines the biggest mass surrender?
  • Jeff on 2011-Mar-14 02:34:23 Jeff said

    350 of these men who the German's suspected of being Jewish were sent to a satellite labor camp at Berga am elster. The surviors were ordered to tell no one of their ordeal because the US government did not want a backlash against the Germans because of the Cold War. The survivors had to set by and watch their tormentors get off with light sentences because the crimes the guards commited against them could not be brought into evidence. The story finally broke in the late 1990's. Documentary film maker Charles Guggenhiem was with this unit but transferred just before they were deployed and made a PBS film about these men. Recently there have been several books written on this mostly unknown event.
  • JT on 2012-Oct-30 14:57:37 JT said

    My father was in the 422 e company 4th platoon. They were forced to surrender because they ran out of ammunition. Once they ran out of supplies they occupied an area to the rear in a tactical retreat, but when no supplies arrived, they had no options. We had no deep water ports at the time and supplies were coming in over the beaches. Without an adequate supply line, the forward troops were out on a limb. These same men in the 422 and the 423 were raw recruits, but they held up the initial assault for 3 days, knocking the Germans off their time line. Their valiant defense gave us time to reinforce Belgium and eventually take back the initiative. To say they were the largest mass surrender underscores the truth and demeans their courage.
  • V Gilmore on 2013-Jan-02 14:18:53 V Gilmore said

    It was the largest mass surrender of US troops in the European campaign during WWII.
  • Bob Perry on 2014-Sep-21 13:43:32 Bob Perry said

    My father was with CO K 422ND INF 106 INF DIV,can anyone tell me about their actions,where they were or anything,thank you.
  • Alex on 2014-Oct-08 17:36:04 Alex said

    My uncle was in 422 CO K also. Does anybody have more information about this Company?
  • Catherine McIntyre on 2014-Nov-14 22:52:54 Catherine McIntyre said

    my father was in the 422nd Infantry Company M. He died when I was 9 and I never got to talk to him about his military experiences. Can anyone tell me what Company M did? Were they involved with the Battle of the Bulge or subsequent actions?
  • Marsha on 2016-May-29 16:13:57 Marsha said

    My uncle, TC Westmoreland was with the 423rd, 2nd batalion. I know he was captured and was a POW. He returned to tennessee at war's end but died shortly afterward.

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