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Battle of the Bulge - Dead American Soldiers - Honsfeld Dec 1944

Two dead American soldiers at a road intersection in Belgium, close to the German border at Losheimergraben, December 1944. The phot was taken in Honsfeld. The looting of the U.S. soldiers probably points towards the bad state of the German troops during the Battle of the Bulge, as it was common to use all kinds of Allied equipment due to constant shortages.

U.S. Defense Visual Information Center photo HD-SN-99-02998


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  • william vaughn on 2014-Jan-16 14:09:39 william vaughn said

    My great uncle Howard Thompson was killed in this battle. I believe that is the correct spelling of his last name. I was given his name as my middle name.
  • Marty on 2014-Nov-16 16:25:38 Marty said

    I believe this is the site of a massacre of US Soldiers by the Germans. The Americans were operating a fuel dump and they were killed after they surrendered

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