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73rd 497th - Shady Lady


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  • Bob Toth on 2010-Aug-06 06:10:50 Bob Toth said

    Great photo. - My uncle, Robert Chapla, was the fight engineer on the Shady Lady. The Shady Lady was lost over Japan in January of 1945.
  • Ron Fauset on 2011-Feb-26 15:29:22 Ron Fauset said

    My dad's cousin was the pilot of the Shady Lady (42-24619), Capt. Raymond Dauth. The Shady Lady was rammed head on by a "Tojo" flown by M/Sgt Kiyoshi Suzuki of the 47th Sentai.
  • Elizabeth on 2011-Mar-20 07:56:16 Elizabeth said

    My Grandfather, John Nash, was the navigator of this plane. Amazing story!!
  • Fred Baumann on 2012-May-07 23:47:33 Fred Baumann said

    And my uncle (and namesake), Frederick W. Baumann, Jr., was the bombardier. May he and all those who crewed this aircraft rest in peace with the prayers of a grateful nation for their great sacrifice.
  • Britney Smith on 2012-May-15 00:33:11 Britney Smith said

    Actually, my grandfather, Ronald H. King was the navigator on this plane. I have the list of the crew that was on this plane. I am sorry, Nash was not on the list anywhere.
  • Britney Smith on 2012-May-15 00:34:56 Britney Smith said

    Perhaps he was on a different "Shady Lady" as there was a B-17 and a B-24 that were also named Shady Lady.
  • Wade Rhyne on 2016-Feb-15 20:39:07 Wade Rhyne said

    My great uncle, Raymond O. Dauth of Paso Robles was the aircraft commander of the Shady Lady. He was killed in action on Jan 27 1945.
  • SYZ on 2017-Apr-14 09:56:44 SYZ said

    My great uncle was the tail gunner. The story we always heard was they went behind a cloud and never came back out. The date Jan. 27, 1945 was the date the military declared him missing.
  • Terry Andrew Burk on 2017-Apr-25 21:16:57 Terry Andrew Burk said

    Cpl James Leslie Burk was the tail gunner. He was my uncle. His family lived in Parnell, Texas

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