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A sq nose art being painted on saipan


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  • Beverly Henson on 2011-Aug-14 13:09:28 Beverly Henson said

    This looks a lot like my Dad, C. C. Fowler, on top of the plane. The nose art also looks like his plane, Joker's Wild II. Anyone know what the finished nose art looked like or details about the photo?
  • Christopher Smith on 2011-Nov-21 13:23:34 Christopher Smith said

    My grandfather, now deceased, was also on this plane with your father. His name was Ellis Frazier and he was the tailgunner. I have a picture of the completed art if you'd like it. Just email me your address!
  • Django on 2012-Feb-06 16:05:40 Django said

    I am almost positive that this is Joker's Wild.
  • Bill Sprenger on 2016-Nov-16 17:43:48 Bill Sprenger said

    If this is the original Jokers Wild that is my grandfather painting, Bud Sprenger

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