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USS Spearfish SS 190 WWII Battle Flag

USS Spearfish (SS 190), WWII Battle Flag. Courtesy of the Submarine Museum of the Pacific and the Submarine Force Library and Museum.

NHHC Photograph Collection, S-435.


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  • Ed Ellegood on 2012-Feb-15 11:39:36 Ed Ellegood said

    The flag shown is actually the battle flag for the USS Spadefish SS-411. I know because I saw a framed copy of it in the crews mess of the USS Spadefish SSN-668.
  • scott spencer on 2013-Aug-02 14:09:49 scott spencer said

    I am married to the daughter of a crew member of the USS SPEARFISH. His name was Robert E. Fretz, who has since passed away. The flag that her family had on display was quite different than this one.
  • Bill Kapsalis on 2017-Feb-28 13:07:26 Bill Kapsalis said

    Mr. Spencer -

    I have no idea if you will ever received this as it has been several years now. I used to own some items of MoMM2c R.E. Frentz - would love to talk more about his service on the Spearfish. Very best regards, Bill Kapsalis (
  • Bill Kapsalis on 2017-Feb-28 13:09:36 Bill Kapsalis said

    Sorry Mr. Spencer, MoMM2c FRETZ !

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