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Komarov, Parfiriy - Photo

Perfiriy Komarov, was born on 15 march 1925 in Senezjskie Viselky village not far from Tula. From the middle class pre-revolution family, with own house and some animals. In spring 1943 my grandfather was commissioned to military service, and took Antiaircraft school courses during spring 1944. Was commander of 88-mm an antiaircraft gun. Then he went to Karelian Front Near Saint-Petersburg and took part in some blood full battles such as protection of Ladeinoe Pole, speeding up of the river Svir. In May 1944 received rank of the corporal. For his honor service received an Award of Glory of III Degree and other medals. On 14 of July 1944 he was wounded by Splinter shell in a hip. And spend near a years in the hospital.

Source: Denis Komarov


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